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Adventurer, The

1 9 7 2 – 1 9 7 3 (UK)
24 x 25 minute episodes

A cloak and dagger series made on 16mm film for an American prime-time slot, The Adventurer starred Gene Barry as Gene Bradley – a wealthy, jet-setting American movie star who indulged himself in business ventures of all kinds, but whose real job involved secret assignments for US intelligence.


Employing his acting skills to the full and taking on various disguises, Bradley was an international knight who came to the rescue of threatened women, defecting scientists, and others in need of assistance.

His assignments were given to him via his secret service contact Mr Parminter (Barry Morse) – who posed as his business manager cum producer – and he was accompanied by fellow agent, Gavin Jones (Garrick Hagon). Diane (Catherine Schell) was his contact with the agency.

Filmed on location in France and at Elstree studios in the UK by ITC, the series didn’t really capture anyone’s imagination, despite the stalwart support of Barry Morse, Stuart Damon and Catherine Schell. John Barry provided the musical theme.

Gene Bradley 
Gene Barry
Mr Parminter 

Barry Morse
Diane Marsh 

Catherine Schell
Gavin Jones 

Garrick Hagon

Stuart Damon