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Alice Through the Looking Glass

1 9 7 3 (UK)
12 x 15 minute episodes

Cyril Fletcher played the writer and storyteller Lewis Carroll (real name, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) as he read to Alice (Carol Hollands, pictured above with Fletcher as Carroll) and Lorina (Fiona Milne), the daughters of Dean Liddell of Christ Church, Oxford, whose friendship inspired Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Over 12 weeks, young viewers heard stories featuring characters like the Mad Hatter, White King, Red Queen, Frog Footman and the Cheshire Cat.

Gyles Brandreth adapted the Carroll stories for this Thames Television production, which aired between January and March 1973 at Monday lunchtime on ITV.

The set was based on photographs of Dodgson’s own rooms at Christ Church in 1851 and Sir John Tenniel’s original illustrations of the rooms. Even the photographs on the wall of the set were replicas based on Dodgson’s own pictures of his father and seven sisters – for apart from his writing, Dodgson was a pioneer photographer.

Lewis Carroll
Cyril Fletcher
Carol Hollands
Fiona Milne


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