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Almost Anything Goes (Australia)

1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 8 (Australia)

Based on the British show It’s a Knockout, Almost Anything Goes featured teams competing against each other in various challenges.

Example challenges included;

  • ‘Hilltop Quoits’ where contestants had to run up a hill greased with detergent and hang a quoit over a pole at the top
  • ‘Hanging Pillows’ in which opponents sat astride a pole suspended over a swimming pole and attempted to hammer each other into the pool with pillows
  • ‘Pantyhose Relay’ in which male members of each team had to pull on a pair of pantyhose, sprint 100 yards over a slippery plastic deck and transfer the pantyhose to the next team member.

anythinggoes6Teams competing in the series included members of surf lifesaving clubs, football clubs, martial arts clubs, and social clubs.

Each team comprised four men and three women.

Compered by Tim Evans and assisted by Sean Kramer, the proceedings were adjudicated by referees Ron Barassi (a former AFL player and coach) and Johnny Raper (a former professional rugby league footballer and coach).

John Print commentated.