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Alpha Scorpio

1 9 7 4 (Australia)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived Australian children’s series from the ABC revolved around university students Andrew (Peter Hepworth) and Stephen (Kevin Wilson) who discovered while on holiday in a small seaside town that mysterious old fisherman Mirny (Kurt Ludescher) was a member of a group of aliens who had recently landed on Earth.

Andrew and Steve created havoc in their search for the alien beings. Terry Gill co-starred as Inspector McIntyre of Security, who joined in the search.

The aliens (Antarians) had travelled to Earth to procure deuterium oxide to use as fuel for their dying star, Antares, 550-light-years away.

They were using a modified lighthouse to take the substance from passing ships and beaming it up to Antares using another, stronger, transmat beam located at the bottom of a well near the Antarians’ underground base.

Mirny and his team eventually used the transmat a final time to beam themselves home with the last of their deuterium oxide, just evading the police. The transmat device was then destroyed and a flood of seawater flooded the well and underground base, destroying all traces of the visiting extraterrestrials.

The series was filmed almost entirely at Airey’s Inlet in Victoria.

Peter Hepworth
Stephen Lee
Kevin Wilson
Inspector McIntyre
Terry Gill
Sergeant Collins
Nevil Thurgood
Penny Lewis
Alexandra Hines
Kurt Ludescher
Ian Smith