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Alvin Purple

1 9 7 6 (Australia)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Alvin Purple was a spin-off from the Australian film of the same name which had been an immense box office hit in 1973.

Unfortunately, part of the film’s popular success was its vulgarity and bawdiness and although television had loosened up somewhat since the advent of Number 96, the ABC could not have sustained the full-blown raunchiness of the original.

The TV series had to tone down some of the happy smuttiness of the film, but the basic idea of our hero Alvin Purple (a naive and passive male who is lusted after and chased by women) still worked well in the hands of writer Alan Hopgood.

Chris Haywood played Alvin’s friend Spike and the numerous women who lusted after Alvin’s body included characters played by Jacki Weaver, Belinda Giblin, Briony Behets, Kirrily Nolan, Peta Peter, Judy Lynne (pictured above with Graeme Blundell), Chantal Contouri and Angela Punch McGregor.

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Alvin Purple
Graeme Blundell
Rod ‘Spike’ Morley

Chris Haywood
Dawn Lake
Colin Croft
Miss Perkins
Peta Peter
Meryl Sugars
Judy Lynne
Belinda Giblin
Briony Behets
Monica Strange
Kirrily Nolan
Angela Punch McGregor
Jacki Weaver
Chantal Contouri