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Amazing Chan & the Chan Clan, The

1 9 7 2 (USA)

This family of super sleuths comprised Chinese detective Charlie Chan, his 10 children and their family dog, Chu Chu.

The children always try to help their dad to bring in the bad guy, but in the meantime, get caught up in many adventures as they travel around the world.

The voice of Charlie Chan was provided by Keye Luke, the original and all wise Master Po from TV’s Kung Fu.

In the second season, Jodie Foster (Silence of the Lambs) provided the voice of Anne Chan.


Charlie Chan 
Keye Luke
Henry Chan 

Bob Ito
Stanley Chan 

Stephen Wong (1)
Lenny Weinrib (2)
Suzie Chan 

Virginia Ann Lee (1)
Cherylene Lee (2)
Alan Chan 

Brian Tochi
Anne Chan 

Leslie Kumamota (1)
Jodie Foster (2)
Tom Chan 

Michael Takamoto (1)
John Gunn (2)
Flip Chan 

Jay Jay Jue (1)
Gene Andrusco (2)
Nancy Chan 

Beverly Kushida
Mimi Chan

Leslie Juwai (1)
Cherylene Lee (2)
Scooter Chan 

Robin Toma (1)
Michael Morgan (2)
Chu Chu 

Don Messick