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American Girls, The

1 9 7 8 (USA)
11 x 60 minute episodes

They could type, but that skill appeared to be secondary. “They” were The American Girls, two curvy lasses who made up the research team for a television news magazine show called The American Report.

CBS billed it as an adventure series and provided dilemma after dilemma for the girls to cope with.

Newcomers Priscilla Barnes (as sophisticated blonde Becky Tomkins) and Debra Clinger (as guileless brunette Amy Waddell) were the titular girls. The lone performer with experience was David Spielberg, who appeared in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, as their New York producer, Francis Casey.

The duo trekked across the USA in their specially equipped van solving crimes, reporting the news, and getting involved in the lives of others.

The series was screened as Have Girls Will Travel in the UK.

Rebecca (Becky) Tomkins
Priscilla Barnes
Amy Waddell
Debra Clinger
Francis X. Casey
David Spielberg


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