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Animal Kwackers

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 8 (UK)
39 x 20 minute episodes

“Rory, Rory, tell us a story, Rory, Rory tell it like it is!”

Children’s entertainment from Yorkshire Television featuring a quartet of animals (well, I had a sneaking suspicion they were actors in animal costumes really) from the planet Popland.

The four visitors who played as a band were lead singer/guitarist Boots (a tiger), Rory (a blue Rastafarian lion) on guitar, Twang (a monkey) on bass, and Bongo (a dog) on drums.

Arriving in their flying saucer, the group would sing contemporary pop hits and tell a story before returning to their home planet at the end of each episode. The music sounded uncannily like it was composed by Paul McCartney.

The cast of Animal Kwackers recorded albums and toured regularly in the UK during their brief spell of popularity.

Narrated by Gerry Cowan with graphics by Peter Parr.

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