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Anne of Green Gables

1 9 7 2 (UK)
5 x 60 minute episodes

This 1972 series from the BBC starred Bernard Braden’s daughter, Kim, as Anne Shirley.

A six-part sequel, Anne of Avonlea, was produced by the BBC in 1975 which followed the grown-up Anne as she left Green Gables for college. Not to be confused with the 1987 Canadian production, Anne of Green Gables – The Sequel.

No recordings of this series remain.

Anne Shirley
Kim Braden
Matthew Cuthbert
Elliott Sullivan
Marilla Cuthbert
Barbara Hamilton
Rachel Lynde
Avis Bunnage
Diana Barry
Jan Francis
Gilbert Blythe
Robin Halstead
Ruby Gillis
Kim Hardy
Jane Andrews
Zuleika Robson
Josie Pye
Angela Walker
Miss Stacey
Kate Beswick