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Another Day

1 9 7 8 (USA)
4 x 30 minute episodes

David Groh starred as Don Gardner, a somewhat old-fashioned young Los Angeles advertising executive who was just getting by financially. His wife, Ginny (Joan Hackett) was working for an insurance company to help ease the financial burden.

Adding to the family struggles were two kids, painfully shy 12-year-old son Mark (Al Eisenmann) and outgoing 16-year-old daughter, Kelly (Lisa Lindgren).

Rounding out the cast was Hope Summers as Olive, Don’s overbearing, complaining and meddling mother who lived with the family and minded the kids while the couple was at work.

Groh didn’t want to do another comedy so soon after getting out of Rhoda and was looking for a gritty, realistic dramatic series. CBS told him that viewers weren’t into that kind of series at the time.

The series did not fare well, lasting just four episodes in April 1978.

David Groh died at the age of 69 early in 2008.

Don Gardner
David Groh
Ginny Gardner
Joan Hackett
Mark Gardner
Al Eisenmann
Kelly Gardner
Lisa Lindgren
Olive Gardner
Hope Summers