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An Apple A Day

1 9 7 1 (UK)
1 x 50 minute episode

An interesting one-off with a heavyweight comedy cast. Dudley Moore played Dr Clive Elwood, whose overwhelming desire to show his patients care and attention is liable to be misunderstood. Peter Cook played Elwood’s father who, when he discovers his son’s plans, sets out to destroy them.

The production reunited Cook, Moore, Spike Milligan and playwright John Antrobus, following their 1969 collaboration on the feature film The Bed-Sitting Room (directed by Richard Lester), which was itself based on the stage-play by Antrobus and Milligan.

Mr Elwood Snr 
Peter Cook
Clive Elwood 

Dudley Moore
Arnold Thrust 

Spike Milligan
Dr Clerke 

Kenneth Griffith
Muriel Thrust 

Tracy Reed