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Bailey’s Comets

1 9 7 3 (USA)

Barnaby Bailey and his crew of teen roller derby skaters – The Comets – competed in a global search for a $1 million treasure, encountering nefarious types along the way.

Clues to the prizes were presented through an endless trail of poetic rhymes and episodes depicted the efforts of Bailey’s Comets, to overcome the diabolical schemes of the other teams as they attempted to eliminate them from the competition

The other teams were: The Roller Bears, The Broomer Girls, The Doctor Jekyll/Hydes (who kept changing appearance), The Hairy Madden Red Eyes, The Duster Busters, The Yo Ho Ho’s, The Mystery Mob, The Rambling Rivets, The Cosmic Rays, The Roller Coasters, The Texas Flycats, The Stone Rollers, The Gusta Pastas, The Rock ’n’ Rollers, The Black Hats, and The Gargantuan Giants.

This animated series premiered on 8 September 1973.

Don Messick
Sarah Kennedy
Daws Butler
Jim Brigg
Karen Smith
Robert Holt
Kathi Gori
Frank Welker