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Ball Four

1 9 7 6 (USA)
7 x 30 minute episodes

Relief pitcher Jim Barton (Jim Bouton) played for the Washington Americans baseball team and wore number 56 on his jersey.

Also in the cast were number 41 Coach Pinky Pinkney (Bill McCutcheon); number 37 (the manager) Cap Capograsso (Jack Somack); the massive and short-tempered Rhino Rhinelander (Ben Davidson) – the bullpen catcher who had a very soft spot for his mother; Lenny “Birdman” Siegel (who was always in the tub), played by Lenny Schultz; number 18 Rayford Plunkett who loved country music (Marco St. John); the oft-injured utility infielder Orlando Lopez (Jaime Tirelli); David James Carroll as rookie pitcher Bill Westlake; and outfielder fielder C.B. “Cool Breeze” Travis (Sam Wright).

Most of the action took place in the locker room.

Because of its time slot (within the family hour), the sensors were very strict about what the guys could and couldn’t say, and realism suffered in the G-rated locker room dialogue.

This CBS comedy aired on Wednesday nights at 8.30 pm (between Good Times and All in the Family) in September and October of 1976. Seven episodes were videotaped in front of a live studio audience in New York, but only five episodes made it on the air.

The theme tune was performed by Harry Chapin.

Jim Barton
Jim Bouton
Pinky Pinkney
Bill McCutcheon
Cap Capograsso
Jack Somack
Rhino Rhinelander
Ben Davidson
Lenny “Birdman” Siegel
Lenny Schultz
Rayford Plunkett
Marco St. John
Orlando Lopez
Jaime Tirelli
Bill Westlake
David James Carroll
C.B. “Cool Breeze” Travis
Sam Wright