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Ballet Shoes

1 9 7 5 (UK)
6 x 20 minute episodes

Adopted as babies by eccentric fossil collector Matthew Brown (Esmond Knight), Pauline (Elizabeth Morgan), Petrova (Jane Slaughter) and Posy (Sarah Prince) have been left in the care of his niece, Sylvia (Angela Thorne) while he ventures abroad on another long expedition.

Nobody knows when he will return and, as time passes without contact, the money to maintain the house and the girls’ education runs out. Sylvia has no option but to educate the children herself as best she can and advertise for tenants to bring in enough money to live on.

The arrival of one lodger in particular – a music and drama teacher called Theo Dane (Joanna David) – brings about a remarkable change in fortune for the girls when she gets all three accepted at the music academy of the famous dancer Madame Fidolia (Mary Morris).

Fame beckons for all three girls but will they be able to cope with the rigorous training regime demanded by Fidolia? More importantly, is it really what each of them wants?

Posy is a natural dancer while Pauline shows an aptitude for drama and both of them enjoy their classes. Petrova, on the other hand, isn’t comfortable at the academy and – although she meets Fidolia’s requirements and is capable of winning auditions – the tomboy would far rather spend her time helping to mend cars at John Simpson’s (Terence Skelton) Garage.

Ballet Shoes is very gender-specific and it’s difficult to see what interest it would hold for anyone other than those in the young female bracket.

Sylvia Brown
Angela Thorne
Elizabeth Morgan
Jane Slaughter
Sarah Prince
Barbara Lott
Theo Dane
Joanna David
Dr Jakes
Sheila Keith
Mr John Simpson
Terence Skelton
Madame Fidolia
Mary Morris
Great Uncle Matthew (Matthew Brown)
Esmond Knight