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Barlow At Large/Barlow

1 9 7 1 – 1 9 7 5 (UK)

The third part of the Charlie Barlow story saw the former Z Cars and Softly Softly bully boy (Stratford Johns) somewhat uncomfortably installed in Whitehall, working with a rather smarmy superior, A.G. Fenton, with whom he didn’t always see eye to eye.


Working within the Home Office as part of the Police Research Services Branch, his job was to help regional police forces with any difficult cases they encountered.

Though he was accompanied by Detective Sergeant Rees (Norman Corner), Barlow always seemed a little lost without his old mucker, John Watt.

The series evolved into another sequel, simply entitled Barlow, in which he was joined by Detective Inspector Tucker (Derek Newark).

DCS Charlie Barlow
Stratford Johns
DS David Rees
Norman Corner
A.G. Fenton
Neil Stacy
DI Tucker
Derek Newark