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Battlestar Galactica

1 9 7 8 – 1 9 7 9 (USA)
24 x 60 minute episodes

Basically an imitation of the movie Star Wars – so much so that the producers of the movie sued ABC.

Comparisons are unsurprising when you realise that the special effects for Battlestar Galactica were created by John Dykstra, the same man who worked on Star Wars.

Reported to have cost $1,000,000 per hour to produce, Battlestar Galactica used spectacular special effects to depict a fierce struggle for the survival of mankind set in outer space, thousands of years in the future (in the seventh millennium, in fact).


Galactica was the only surviving battlestar after an attack by the evil Cylons (pictured at right) had destroyed interplanetary peace and wiped out 12 of the 13 humanoid civilisations.

Now the Cylons were chasing the Galactica and her fleet of 220 smaller spacecraft as they sped through space toward a last refuge – the distant, mythical ‘Golden Planet’ (Earth).

Commanding the mile-wide Galactica was the silver-haired Commander Adama – a Moses figure who used to own a cattle ranch near Virginia . . . sorry, I’m getting confused.

His son, Apollo, led Galactica‘s Viper fighter squadron along with impetuous, top-gun pilot Starbuck all dressed in Egyptian crash helmets (so THAT’s how our ancient Egyptian pals made the pyramids – With the help of these folk from outer space/the future!)

Other members of the crew included Adama’s daughter, Athena (the communications officer), second-in-command Colonel Tigh, Cassiopeia, the medic, and Boomer, another pilot. Villain of the piece was Count Baltar, who had betrayed the humanoids to the Cylons.

In spite of its big budget, large cast and fabulous special effects, the storylines were widely criticised and the series failed to remain on the air longer than one and a half years.

Before the final season ended, Battlestar Galactica had become an early Sunday evening children’s adventure series re-titled Galactica 1980. Only Lorne Green remained on the show from the original cast.

NB The official name of the dog robot was Muffett II, but the kid, Boxey, always called it Muffy.

Captain Apollo 
Richard Hatch
Lieutenant Starbuck

Dirk Benedict
Commander Adama

Lorne Greene
Lieutenant Boomer

Herbert Jefferson Jr
Count Baltar

John Colicos

Maren Jensen

Noah Hathaway

Laurette Spang
Flight Sergeant Jolly
Tony Swartz

Anne Lockhart
Colonel Tigh

Terry Carter
Imperious Leader

Dick Durock
Voice of Imperious Leader

Patrick Macnee
Voice of Lucifer
Jonathan Harris

David Greenan

Sarah Rush
Dr. Salik

George Murdock
Dr. Wilker

John Dullaghan

Ed Begley Jr

Larry Manetti