Home Television Drama Bearcats!


1 9 7 1 (USA)
1 x 90 minute episode
13 x 60 minute episodes

A CBS drama series set in the American Southwest around 1914, telling the story of Hank Brackett and Johnny Reach – Two adventurers who travelled around looking for lucrative and dangerous assignments.


Their mode of transportation was a fancy Stutz Bearcat (hence the title).

Rather than set a fee for their assignments, the Bearcats requested blank cheques from their clients.

After completing the job, they filled in an amount according to what they felt their services were worth in that particular instance.

In one episode, they were hired to find out who was setting fire to oil wells in a small border town, and, in another, they were hired to stop mercenaries from sabotaging medical supplies that were being shipped overseas to the Allies during World War I.

Hank Brackett 
Rod Taylor
Johnny Reach 

Dennis Cole