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Bert D’Angelo, Superstar

1 9 7 6 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

This Quinn Martin crime drama series was a spin-off from The Streets of San Francisco in which bolshy New York cop Bert D’Angelo is transferred to the city by the bay.

Bert has an impressive record of arrests and convictions which has earned him the nickname of ‘Superstar’.


The series (originally titled Super Cop in the pilot) featured Paul Sorvino as D’Angelo, Robert Pine as Bert’s partner Inspector Larry Johnson and Dennis Patrick as their boss, Captain Jack Breen.

Stories followed Bert as he constantly defied rules and regulations in an attempt to solve crimes.

Bert D’Angelo was not a success and lasted only half a season on ABC. It did well overseas, however, rating #1 on the BBC when it aired in Britain.

Bert D’Angelo 
Paul Sorvino
Inspector Larry Johnson 

Robert Pine
Captain Jack Breen 

Dennis Patrick