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Big John, Little John

1 9 7 6 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

After taking a sip from the Fountain of Youth while vacationing in the Ponce De Leon National Park in Florida, Madison Junior High School science teacher John Martin (Herb Edelman) changed from a 45-year-old man to a 12-year-old boy (Robbie Rist).


Because he only took a sip, the change was not permanent – but it was recurring and Martin had no control over when the random change would occur.

John’s secret was known only to his immediate family – wife Marjorie (Joyce Bulifant) and 14-year-old son Ricky (Mike Darnell) – who explained the appearance of the 12-year-old John by claiming he was their nephew.

Throughout the single-season series (created by Lloyd and Sherwood Schwartz), John tried to find a cure for his predicament but was unsuccessful in his attempts.

John’s perpetual nemesis was Miss Bertha Bottomly (Olive Dunbar), the stern school principal who was always in danger of learning his secret and firing him.


Big John Martin
Herb Edelman
Little John Martin

Robbie Rist
Marjorie Martin

Joyce Bulifant
Ricky Martin

Mike Darnell
Miss (Bertha) Bottomly

Olive Dunbar

Kristoff St.John

Cari Anne Warder

Stephen Cassidy