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Big Shamus, Little Shamus

1 9 7 9 (USA)
2 x 60 minute episodes

Arnie Sutter (Brian Dennehy) worked as the house detective in the busy Ansonia Hotel in Atlantic City in this CBS crime drama series.

The ‘Little Shamus’ part of the title came in the form of Arnie’s precocious 13-year-old son Max (Doug McKeon) who got his Dad out of bed, did the cooking (yoghurt with jam, hot dogs and granola) and took an active part in his Dad’s cases – often spotting the scams before Arnie.

The once-fading Ansonia had been restored as a glittering new casino.

This was bad news for the old-fashioned detective as the new Security Chief, George Korman (George Wyner) thought Arnie was sloppy (true), beefy (true) and generally obsolete.

Other regular characters were Stephanie Marsh, the hotel manager (Kathryn Leigh Scott); Jingles Lodestar; the computer operator (Cynthia Sikes); Jerry Wilson, the desk clerk (Ty Henderson); and Tom Grainger, a lieutenant with the New Jersey Police Department (Dennis Cole).

Unfortunately, trounced in the ratings by ABC’s The Love Boat, the show never really stood a chance and was cancelled after only two episodes of the thirteen produced had aired.

Arnie Sutter 
Brian Dennehy
Max Sutter

Doug McKeon
George Korman

George Wyner
Stephanie Marsh

Kathryn Leigh Scott
Jerry Wilson

Ty Henderson
Jingles Lodestar

Cynthia Sikes
Lt. Tom Grainger
Dennis Cole