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1 9 7 9 (USA)
7 x 30 minute episodes

A young Steve Guttenberg portrayed Billy Fisher, a 19-year-old who hated the job arranged for him by his dad at the Shadrack and Shadrack Funeral Home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

As an escape, Billy liked to daydream and envisioned great things in his future.

James Gallery co-starred as Billy’s disappointed father George Fisher. Peggy Pope was Billy’s mother, Alice Fisher, who was much more supportive of her son’s “exaggerations.”

Also in the Fisher household hold was Gran (Paula Trueman), Billy’s frail, forgetful grandmother.

At the funeral home were Billy’s co-worker and friend Arthur Milliken (Bruce Talkington) who was always trying to protect Billy from getting fired and Billy’s boss, uptight funeral director Norville Shadrack (Michael Alaimo) who spoke slowly, always with perfect diction.

Most of that perfect diction involved condescending remarks aimed at Billy for dereliction of duties.

The program was based upon the British series Billy Liar, which itself was based on a successful book (1959), movie (1963) and stage-play.

Billy Fisher
Steve Guttenberg
Alice Fisher
Peggy Pope
George Fisher
James Gallery
Norville Shadrack
Michael Alaimo
Arthur Milliken
Bruce Talkington