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Billy Liar

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 4 (UK)
26 x 30 minute episodes
1 x special

Successful as a book (1959), movie (1963), stage-play, and soon to be a musical (Billy, which opened in London on 1 May 1974 with additional writing by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais), Billy Liar was turned into two long series of sitcoms for ITV by its original author and his long-time associate Willis Hall.

billyliar6This LWT production brought the Keith Waterhouse character of Billy Fisher (which Tom Courtenay had made his own in the 1963 big screen version) to the small screen, for a total of 26 episodes and one short special as part of the All-Star Comedy Carnival on 25 December 1973.

The premise was unchanged, with Jeff Rawle (who went on to play George Dent in Drop the Dead Donkey) playing the young northerner who spends most of his life wrapped up in the fantastic fantasies of his runaway imagination.

George A Cooper fulfilled his usual role – the blunt northerner – and got into mildly hot water with some scripted bad language and blaspheming.

May Warden supported as the matriarchal Granny, dominating her family. Sally Watts was introduced in the first series for some love interest, becoming Billy’s fiancée in the second, and Colin Jeavons appeared as Billy’s boss at the funeral parlour, Mr Shadrack.

The series was remade in the USA as Billy – running to just 7 CBS episodes, screened from 26 February to 28 April 1979 – starring Steve Guttenberg, who later scored success with the movies Police Academy (1984) and Three Men And A Baby (1987).

Billy Fisher
Jeff Rawle
Geoffrey Fisher
George A. Cooper
Alice Fisher
Pamela Vezey
May Warden
Sally Watts
Mr Shadrack
Colin Jeavons
Lynda Bellingham
Mr Purley
Windsor Davies
DI Charlesworth
Harry Littlewood


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