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Birds in the Bush/The Virgin Fellas

1 9 7 2 (UK/Australia)
13 x 30 minute episodes

English water diviner Hugh (Hugh Lloyd) inherits a rundown property in the Australian Outback which is being run by a gaggle of beautiful women, collectively known as ‘the fellas’.

Hugh is aided and abetted by his money-hungry, scheming Australian half-brother Ron (Ron Frazer).

‘The fellas’ included former Miss World Ann Sidney, Briony Behets, Sue Lloyd, Katie Sheil, Jenny Hayes, Elli Maclure and Nicola Flamer-Caldera.

This BBC co-production was written by David Croft, co-creator of Dad’s Army and It Ain’t Half Hot Mumbut failed to capture viewers and was pulled halfway through its run in Britain.

The series was even selected as the booby prize winner by the radio and TV writer’s section of the British Critics Circle for ‘worst show of the year’.

The series was filmed and screened in the UK (as The Virgin Fellas) in colour but broadcast in Australia (as Birds In The Bush) in black & white – colour TV wasn’t launched there until 1975.

British actress Briony Behets chose to stay in Australia after the production finished and went on to a successful career there with TV shows including Number 96, The Box and Class of 75 and movies including Long Weekend.

Hugh Lloyd
Ron Frazer

Kate Fitzpatrick
Ann Sidney
Sue Lloyd
Briony Behets
Nicola Flamer-Caldera
Katie Sheil
Jenny Hayes
Elli Maclure
Alistair Duncan