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1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 7 (Australia)
1 x 90 minute episodes
38 x 60 minute episodes

An Australian cop series about a tough, less than good looking (and extremely obese) cop who used his own unorthodox methods.

Often parodied in the Nineties on shows such as The D Generation – an avant-garde Australian comedy show who revisited the spirit of Bluey with a character called “Bargearse” – Lucky Grills (real name Leo) achieved cult status in Australia for his portrayal of Detective Sergeant Bluey Hills.


Completing the triumvirate were rookie Detective Gary Dawson (John Diedrich) and soul mate Sergeant Monica Rourke (Gerda Nicolson).

Bluey Hills was something of a loner. He was unkempt, boozy and fat (he weighed 18 stone) with a gravelly voice and a gruff manner. Crawford Productions deliberately went against type in casting the role, choosing stand-up comedian Grills.

Grills, Diedrich and Nicolson turned in strong performances but the series had only lukewarm ratings and after completing its 39-episode contract was not renewed.

Bluey had a nice gritty tone and look, although the Seven network ultimately found that it would do better with such cop soaps as Cop Shop.

DS Bluey Hills 
Lucky Grills
Sgt. Monica Rourke 

Gerda Nicolson
Det. Gary Dawson 

John Diedrich
Jo Goldman 

Victoria Quilter
DS Reg Truscott 

Terry Gill
Debbie Morley 

Marcia-Dean Jones
Det. Arthur Ferris 

Peter Aanensen