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Born and Bred

1 9 7 8 (UK)
1 9 8 0 (UK)
12 x 60 min episodes

The Tonsleys and the Benges – two large inter-related south London families – reunite when the oldest member of the family is awarded a British Empire medal, but they remain far from convinced that blood is thicker than water.

Through two series of hour-long Thames black-comedy-dramas, with such veteran names as Max Wall and Joan Sims among the cast, the clans were ever at loggerheads.

In the process, Annie finally snuffs it; Stephen Benge and Dennis Tonsley go to Venice (Stephen to see his one true love, Iris; Dennis to sell baby furniture to the Italians); Frank Benge continues to put up with the twins; Rose Tonsley dreams of Stephen and Iris at the altar again; and Frank and Ray end up in hospital.

But all came good at the end as Ray and Marge emigrate, Pam finds a man, Molly (the widowed licensee of the Crown and Sceptre) and Arthur get married, and Stephen settles for gardening.

Frank Benge 
James Grout
Daphne Benge 

Gillian Raine
Stephen Benge 

Richard O’Callaghan
Ray Benge 

Gorden Kaye
Marge Benge 

Kate Williams
Annie Benge 

Rose Hill
Iris Tonsley 

Susan Tracy
Tommy Tonsley 

Max Wall
Rose Tonsley 

Constance Chapman
Dennis Tonsley 

Trevor Peacock
Shirley Tonsley 

Helen Cotterill
Molly Peglar 

Joan Sims
Arthur Peglar 

Ivor Roberts
Pam Redstone 

Susie Blake
Paul Redstone 

Ian Redford


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