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Born Free

1 9 7 4 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

The series picked up the story where the books and movies (Born Free and Living Free) left off.

George Adamson (Gary Collins) is a game warden in Kenya, near Nairobi. His wife, Joy (Diana Muldaur), is a painter who helps him with his warden duties.

Makedde (Hal Frederick) is their senior scout. Nuru (Peter Lukoye) and Kanini are their servants (Joseph De Craft).

Elsa, the lioness they raised and set free, is never far away, and likely to pop in for a visit at any time, to pay her respects and lick Joy’s face. Elsa was, in fact, impersonated by a ringer from a Los Angeles animal compound.

The outdoor adventure stories was filmed entirely on location in Kenya and featured plenty of attacks by rogue elephants, leopards, crocodiles, and crazed cape buffalos.


George Adamson
Gary Collins
Joy Adamson
Diana Muldaur
Hal Frederick
Peter Lukoye
Nelson Kajuna
Joe Kanini
Joseph De Craft