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Boy Dominic/Dominic

1 9 7 4 – 1 9 7 6
13 x 30 minute episodes
8 x 30 minute episodes

This Yorkshire Television adventure series was set in 19th century Yorkshire and starred Murray Dale as the young Dominic Bulman.

It’s 1820 and Captain Charles Bulman (Richard Todd) is shipwrecked off the North African coast and captured by slavers. His wife, Emma (Hildegarde Neil), and 12-year-old son, Dominic, believe he has perished and are left destitute which forces them to sell their comfortable house in Greenwich in London and move to Yorkshire.

While Captain Bulman is having adventures in Africa and fighting his way back home, Dominic and his mother are befriended by drunken old salt William Woodcock (Brian Blessed) who feels he owes the Bulman family a favour, having served under Captain Bulman at the Battle of Trafalgar and remembering him with gratitude and affection.


They go into partnership running a boarding house, while Lady Bulman strives to clear her husband’s name, besmirched with the accusation of having sunk his ship, the Bright Star, for the insurance money.

The series returned in 1976 as simply Dominic. The new series saw Dominic out to avenge the murder of his parents, who were killed when their carriage was ambushed by two ruffians on the moors in the opening episode.

The clue to the murder was a Hunter – a gold watch found at the scene of the crime. On the back was an engraving of the family crest of Lord Stainton (Thorley Walters), a scientist with an interest in rocketry, and this starts a trail that leads ‘Nick into foul company among smugglers.

Murray Dale is the son of famous stage, film and television actor, Jim Dale.

Dominic Bulman
Murray Dale
Emma Bulman
Hildegarde Neil
Capt. Charles Bulman
Richard Todd
William Woodcock
Brian Blessed
Bessie Dearlove
Ruth Kettlewell
Julian Glover
Captain Beever
John Hallam
Bartholomew Finn
Gordon Gostelow
Stacey Tendeter
Edwin Richfield
Jerold Wells
Trevor Smith
Wendy Williams
Lady Harriet
Louise Jameson
Lord Stainton
Thorley Walters
Jimmy Bells
Eric Francis


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