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1 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 6 (USA)
23 x 60 minute episodes

Sensitive, pipe-smoking cop Alex “Bronk” Bronkov (Jack Palance) is hired by the mayor of Ocean City, California, Pete Santori (Joseph Mascolo) to clean up the corruption of the city.

Although he is given the rank of lieutenant and works side by side with fellow officer Sgt. John Webber (Tony King), Bronk reports directly to Mayor Santori – who is an old friend – and is often able to cut through bureaucratic “red tape” in a hurry if needed.

bronk2Bronk’s old retired policeman buddy Harry Mark (Henry Beckman) helps out in-between running his car scrapyard.

When not crime-fighting, Bronk spends much of his time caring for his crippled daughter Ellen (Dina Ousley), who was injured in the same car crash that took the life of his wife.

Bronk drives an old Cadillac (rebuilt), plays the harmonica, and is allergic to cats.

Lt. Alex Bronkov
Jack Palance
Ellen Bronkov
Dina Ousley
Mayor Pete Santori
Joseph Mascolo
Sgt. John Webber
Tony King
Harry Mark
Henry Beckman