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Brothers and Sisters

1 9 7 9 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Immediately following the success of National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978), all three US television networks quickly assembled sitcoms about college life.

ABC got the ball rolling with Delta House, CBS was last with the one-shot Co-Ed Fever, and in between NBC tried Brothers and Sisters.

The series took place at Larry Krandall College (run by its namesake and founder, played by William Windom). In the Pi Nu Fraternity were Miles “Checko” Sabolcic (Chris Lemmon, son of Jack) who was dedicated to his studies; Ronald Holmes III (Randy Brooks), the only African American member of the fraternity; Stanley Zipper (Jon Cutler), the most slovenly fiat member; Seymour (Roy Teicher) who had an insatiable appetite; and Pi Nu President, Harlan Ramsey (Larry Anderson) who was filthy rich and overbearing.

In the Gamma Delta Iota Sorority was Harlan’s equally obnoxious girlfriend, social climber Mary Lee (Amy Johnston), and Zipper’s unobtainable dream girl, Suzi Cooper (Mary Crosby, Bing’s daughter).

Marilyn Tokuda played a character named Yoko of the Gamma Delta Iota Sorority.

The first episode aired immediately after Super Bowl XIII (in which the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 35-31) before moving to its regular Friday night timeslot.

Only 12 of the 13 episodes aired.

Miles “Checko” Sabolcic
Chris Lemmon
Ronald Holmes III
Randy Brooks
Stanley Zipper
Jon Cutler
Harlan Ramsey 
Larry Anderson
Mary Lee 
Amy Johnston
Suzi Cooper
Mary Crosby
Larry Krandall 
William Windom
Roy Teicher
Marilyn Tokuda