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Busting Loose

1 9 7 7 (USA)

After graduating from engineering school, young Lenny Markowitz (Adam Arkin) decided it was time to get his own place, away from his over-protective parents Sam (Jack Kruschen) and Pearl (Pat Carroll).

He secretly moved into a run-down apartment building at 36 West 43rd Street in Manhattan and set up his new home.

Since he couldn’t even afford to cover up the ducks on the wallpaper left by the previous tenant, it was hardly a swinger’s pad. It did have compensations, though – most notably his next-door neighbour, Melody (Barbara Rhoades), a beautiful young woman who worked for Mr Escort – an escort service catering for men of all ages.

To make money on a temporary basis until he could find more suitable employment, Lenny went to work as a salesman at the Wear Well Shoe Store – owned by Mr Cabell (Paul B. Brice) – where he worked with a hip black guy named Raymond (Ralph Wilcox).

Lenny’s buddies, Lester (Danny Goldman), Allan (Steve Nathan), Woody (Paul Sylvan) and cab driver Vinnie (Greg Antonacci) were frequent visitors to his apartment and partners in mischief, such as when they went off to hunt girls at a fashionable Catskills resort.

Lenny eventually found a girlfriend in a curvaceous young beauty named Jackie Gleason (Louise Williams) – no relation (or resemblance) to the famous TV comedian.

Lenny Markowitz
Adam Arkin
Pearl Markowitz
Pat Carroll
Sam Markowitz
Jack Kruschen
Melody Feebeck
Barbara Rhoades
Vinnie Mordabito
Greg Antonacci
Woody Warshaw
Paul Sylvan
Allan Simmonds
Steve Nathan
Lester Bellman
Danny Goldman
Ralph Cabell
Paul B. Brice
Raymond St. Williams
Ralph Wilcox
Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Gleason
Louise Williams
Dorothy St. Williams
Dorothy Butts