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Cakes and Ale

1 9 7 4 (UK)
3 x 50 minute episodes

A three-part BBC2 miniseries based on the (autobiographical) novel by British author W. Somerset Maugham about Rosie (Judy Cornwell), a barmaid with a heart of gold, and her effect on the life of young novelist Willie Ashenden (Michael Hordern).

The plot had everything: great variety, perfect pace, charming surprises, and an excellent and highly revealing twist in the end.

Willie Ashenden
Michael Hordern
Rosie Gann
Judy Cornwell
Edward Driffield
Mike Pratt
Amy Driffield
Lynn Farleigh
Miss Fellowes
Barbara Atkinson
Alroy Kear
Peter Jeffrey
Lord George Kemp
James Grout
Willie as a Boy
Paul Aston
Eileen Helsby
Harry Retford
Clive Graham
Allgood Newton
John Quarmby
Mrs Barton Trafford
Madge Ryan
Lionel Hillier
Sean Lynch