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California Fever

1 9 7 9 (USA)
10 x 60 minute episodes

Debuting on CBS on 25 September 1979, California Fever presented roller skating, disco dancing, surfing, rock music, skateboarding, hot-air ballooning, more disco dancing, more rock music and joy riding along the San Andreas Fault.


In short, it was teenybopper heaven with Vince Butler (Jimmy McNichol), Ross Whitman (Marc McClure), Laurie Newman (Michele Tobin) – who attended Westside High School and hung out together at Sunset Beach in California – and Rick (Lorenzo Lamas) who ran the local hangout that served snacks and rented bikes, surfboards and rollerskates.

The kids formed a rock band (called Four on the Floor), bopped around a lot, ran into trouble and ran away from trouble. Vince also ran an underground radio station – called K-Fever – from the back room of Rick’s.

Any California-set show worth its salt water back then featured awesome cars. California Fever was no exception, as Vince cruised around in a cool Trans Am – with the license plate IM CRUSIN – and mechanic-supreme Ross puttered around in a topless green and yellow truck dubbed “The Grossmobile.”

13 episodes were produced, but only 10 aired before CBS gave the order to pull the plug in mid-December 1979.

Lorenzo Lamas
Ross Whitman
Marc McClure
Vince Butler
Jimmy McNichol
Laurie Newman
Michele Tobin