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Camerons, The

1 9 7 9 (UK)
6 x 50 minute episodes

At the close of the 19th-century, the Camerons of West Fife, Scotland, sleep three to a bed while trying to think of something more rewarding than coal-mining.

Maggie Cameron (Morag Hood) is the mother who holds the family together (and does the same thing for the series). Her Highlander husband Gillon (Malcolm Ingram) is depressed by the cramped and squalid surroundings in the cottages of the mining village, Pitmingo, where hunger, hardship, illness and injury prevail.

The BBC2 series – filmed mostly on location – was an adaptation of a story by American-Scot Robert Crichton.

Maggie Cameron (Drum)
Morag Hood
Gillon Cameron
Malcolm Ingram
Rob Cameron
Iain Lauchlan
Andrew Cameron
Gerard Kelly
Sam Cameron
Ewan Stewart
James Cameron
Joseph McKenna
Sarah Cameron
Sharon Erskine
Ian Cameron
James Morrison
Emily Cameron
Lesley Fitz-Simons
Henry Selkirk
Graham Crowden
Sandy Bone
Jay Smith
Walter Bone
Roddy McMillan
Alec Heggie
Mr Japp
Frank Wylie
Jack Watson
Mrs Brothcock
Shenah Douglas
Tom Drum
Tom Watson
Mrs Drum
Irene Sunters
Lord Leitch
Cyril Luckham
Rodney Bel Geddes
Steve Gardner
Paul Young
David Bannerman
David Voss