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1 9 7 5 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

Another Quinn Martin cop drama series for ABC. This time, our hero was Lieutenant Ben Logan (Stacey Keach) who was based in the Caribbean.


The (fictional) ‘Caribe Force’ was a highly mobile arm of the Miami Police Department which fought crime not only in Miami but operated wherever American interests were involved in the Caribbean – thwarting drug traffickers, protecting heads of foreign governments, solving a murder case involving a US Senator, and infiltrating a plastic surgery ring which altered the features of wanted crime bosses.

Carl Franklin co-starred as Sergeant Mark Walters, the other half of the island-hopping investigative team.

The series was filmed on location in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Florida Keys and Miami.

Lt Ben Hogan 
Stacy Keach
Sgt Mark Walters 

Carl Franklin
Deputy Commissioner Ed Rawlings (Miami PD) 

Robert Mandan