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Casanova ’73

1 9 7 3 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

The adventures of Henry Newhouse (“new house” = “casa nova”, geddit?) – a womanising PR man played by British comedy icon, Leslie Phillips.

Jan Holden played his long-suffering wife.

Taking advantage of the sexual revolution, Henry happily philanders, or attempts to philander, at every opportunity, sometimes successfully – but never without a price.

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Whether it’s an air hostess or beauty pageant contestant, a stripper turned fire-eater or a niece in need of advice, what Henry sees, Henry can’t resist.

The series was written by Alan Simpson & Ray Galton and produced by the BBC. Galton and Simpson intended it as a humorous comment on the so-called permissive society, but it was branded ‘lewd’ and ‘smutty’ and the BBC moved it to a post-watershed slot where it was quietly forgotten.

Henry Newhouse
Leslie Phillips
Carol Newhouse
Jan Holden
Roger Newhouse
Roger Monk