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1 9 7 2 (Australia)
13 x 30 minute episodes

This Aussie drama series revolved around the daily lives of the staff of top woman’s fashion magazine, Catwalk.

Veteran British character actor John Forgeham starred as the flamboyant publisher Saxon Wells. Other members of the Catwalk team included editor Paula Healy (June Salter), photographer Ricky Novak (John Wood), secretary Miss Jenkins (Cecily Polson) and sophisticated model Cornelia Heyson (Cornelia Frances).

The 30-minute episodes were filmed and aired in black & white. Guests on the show included Jacki Weaver, Judy McBurney, newsreader Roger Climpson, Elli Maclure, Mike Dorsey and American actor Christopher Cary from Garrison’s Guerillas who appeared in two episodes while he was visiting Australia.

Saxon Wells
John Forgeham
Cornelia Heyson
Cornelia Frances
Paula Healy
June Salter
Ricky Novak
John Wood
Miss Jenkins
Cecily Polson


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