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Cedar Tree, The

1 9 7 6 (UK)
24 x 30 minute episodes

This twice-weekly afternoon serial from ATV was basically Upstairs Downstairs without the downstairs.

Larkfield Manor in Herefordshire is the ancestral home of the Bourne family. Set in the Depression, the soap opera focussed on the money worries of the family and the quest of the daughters Elizabeth (Sally Osborne), Anne (Jennifer Lonsdale) and Victoria (Susan Skipper) to find suitable male escorts.

The happy, united family knew that another great war would soon bring the world crashing around them and they were moving inexorably towards crisis and disintegration.

The scene was set for a long-running saga of aristocratic decline, but The Cedar Tree lasted only two years.

Victoria Bourne
Susan Skipper
Helen Bourne 

Susan Engel
Lady Alice Bourne 

Joyce Carey 
Arthur Bourne 

Philip Latham
Anne Bourne 
Jennifer Lonsdale
Elizabeth Bourne 
Sally Osborne 
Phyllis Bourne 

Kate Coleridge

Jean Taylor Smith
Dr Brian Harrington 

James Fagan
Charles Ashley 

Cyril Luckham