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Chicago Teddy Bears, The

1 9 7 1 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Linc McCray (Dean Jones) was an honest man who, with his eccentric uncle Latzi (John Banner from Hogan’s Heroes), owned a Chicago speakeasy in the 1920s.

Operating during the era of Prohibition, the club had a retractable bar which, in emergencies, would spin around to hide the alcoholic beverages, instead revealing an old-fashioned church organ.

Unfortunately for Linc, his mobster cousin Big Nick Marr (Art Metrano) would do anything to take over Linc’s place, and often resorted to unscrupulous means to do so.

It was all a family affair since Linc and Nick were cousins and both were nephews of Uncle Latzi, who couldn’t believe that his nephew Nicholas could be anything but a nice young man.

Everyone else was terrified of Big Nick, including Linc’s nervous bookkeeper, Marvin (Marvin Kaplan) – whose real ambition was to be a dentist – and the club’s four inept bodyguards, Duke (Mickey Shaughnessy), Lefty (Jamie Farr), Julius (Mike Mazurki) and Dutch (Huntz Hall).

The series did not perform well in the ratings and CBS cancelled the show after 13 episodes.

Linc McCray
Dean Jones
Big Nick Marr
Art Metrano
Uncle Latzi
John Banner
Mickey Shaughnessy
Huntz Hall
Jamie Farr
Mike Mazurki
Marvin Kaplan
Ann Sothern


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