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Cilla’s Comedy Six

1 9 7 5 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This short ATV comedy series starred Cilla Black as a different character each week.

In ‘No Harem For Henry’ she played Linda Pearson, a housewife determined to get one up on her two-timing hubby; in ‘Every Husband Has One’ she was Doris Livesey, a housewife whose home was invaded by a creepy consumer-research representative (Henry McGee); in ‘Sea View’ she played Thelma Fosset, a family woman who refused to pay the extortionate bill for the hotel she and her family had been holidaying in for a week; in ‘Father’s Doing Fine’ she was devoted daddy’s girl Christine Bradshaw who was none too happy when her father took up with a younger woman; in ‘Who’s Rocking The Boat?’ she was Vera Clayton, a young woman stranded on a boat with two wild-eyed men (Norman Rossington and Dudley Sutton) and finally, in ‘Dictation Speed’ she was cast as Sally Norton, a smart headed secretary who found several ways to outwit her lecherous boss.

Guests included David Jason, Keith Barron, Henry McGee, Tony Selby, Maggie Jones, Helen Fraser and Dinsdale Landen.

The quality went downhill after the first three episodes, but Cilla returned in 1976 with another series for ATV – Cilla’s World Of Comedy – which also only ran for six episodes.


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