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1 9 7 2 (UK)
9 x episodes

Clochemerle, a poor sleepy (fictional) village in the Beaujolais region of France, gets involved in the midst of controversy, scandal and political intrigue for the rather unlikely reason of the erection of a public urinal in the town square. This delights the men of the town but vexes one elderly religious resident.

When a Child of Mary becomes pregnant, the urinal and the ‘loose moral values’ that it apparently brings to the town are blamed, which in turn leads to the destruction of a statue in the church, leading to a war between the secularist Republicans, the Church, the aristocracy, the French Government and the Army.


The series was filmed on location in the tiny village of Marchampt in the Rhône department in eastern France.

Peter Ustinov
Curé Ponosse
Roy Dotrice
Justine Putet
Wendy Hiller
Michael Golden
Larry Noble
Eugene Fadet
Richard Shaw
John Turtle
Mayor Barthelemy Piechut
Cyril Cusack
Ernest Tafardel
Kenneth Griffith
Adele Torbayon
Cyd Hayman
Nicholas The Beadle
Bernard Bresslaw
Francois Toumignon
Freddie Earlle
Judith Toumignong
Catherine Rouvel
Hippolyte Foncimagne
Christian Roberts
John Barrett
Roland MacLeod
Doctor Mouraille
Peter Madden
Baroness Courtebiche
Micheline Presle
Rose Bivaque
Georgina Moon
Arthur Torbayon
Barry Linehan
Madame Fadet
Carolyn Moody
Claudius Brodequin
James Wardroper
Madame Fouache
Deddie Davies
Oscar De St. Choul
Ian Gray
Madame Chavaigne
Ruth Harrison
Madame Lagousse
Mollie Maureen
Madame Voujon
Gwen Nelson
Madame Nicholas
Miriam Raymond
Gordon Rollings

The Magnificent Idea of Barthelemey Piechut, the Mayor | The Triumphant Inauguration of a Municipal Amenity | The Spirited Protest of Justine Pulet | The Awful Awakening of Claudius Brodequin | The Painful Infliction of Nicholas the Beadle | The Scandalous Outcome of a Night of Destruction | The Inexorable Power of the Third Republic | The Dreaded Arrival of Captain Tardivaux | The Glorious Triumph of Barthelemey Piechut