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Code R

1 9 7 7 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

“On land . . . sea . . . or in the air. Wherever trouble strikes . . . the men of Code R are on the way!”

This CBS adventure series managed to combine elements of Adam-12, Emergency! and Baywatch by chronicling the adventures of the Code R Island Rescue team of Channel Island, a small coastal community located just off the coast of Southern California.

On a typical day, the community had about 17,000 tourists and hundreds of boats in the marina. In order to deal with potential problems, an emergency service had been formed – a specialised organisation that combined police, fire and ocean rescue services into the Code R rescue force.

George Baker (Martin Kove) was the head lifeguard and captain of the boat Lifeguard I, Walt Robinson (Tom Simcox) the police chief – his code was ‘Police One’ – and Rick Wilson (James Houghton) the fire chief.

All three and their subordinates battled arsonists, muggers, car crashes, bootleggers and the like on a weekly basis.

Suzy (Susanne Reed) coordinated operations from Island Dispatch, their base on Channel Island. When everything was coordinated, Suzy used the code “Approach Code R”.

The teams hung out in their downtime at the Lighthouse Bar, which was owned by Harry (W.T. Zacha).

Other regular characters included Walt’s wife Barbara Robinson (Joan Freeman) and their son Bobby (Robert Rundle), the head of Firehouse Two – a kiddie fire department.


Walt Robinson
Tom Simcox
George Baker
Martin Kove
Rick Wilson
James Houghton
Susanne Reed
Barbara Robinson
Joan Freeman
W.T. Zacha
Ted Millibank
Ben Davidson
Bobby Robinson
Robert Rundle
Dr Southerland
Tom Williams