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Cop Shop

1 9 7 7 – 1 9 8 4 (Australia)
582 x 60 minute episodes

Described as ‘cops and robbers with homes to go to’, Cop Shop followed the work and personal relationships of the police officers of Riverside Police Station in Melbourne.

By featuring women police, Crawford Productions were moving Australian crime drama away from being an all-male dominion, as it had been to date.


Riverside also provided a kind of Upstairs Downstairs world, as the police station was home to both uniformed police and plainclothes detectives.

The upstairs detectives included Tony Bonner and George Mallaby (ex-The Box) and the memorable Detective J J Johnson, played by Peter Adams who had previously usually played bad guys on TV. Although Jeff Johnson was on the side of law and order, he drank, slept around and was far from pure.

He eventually fell in love with Valerie, a stripper (played by Joanna Lockwood), and settled down to a life of domestic marital bliss with her, until Lockwood decided to leave the series.

Sustaining female roles were played by Rowena Wallace as George Mallaby’s difficult wife, Paula Duncan as policewoman (later plainclothes detective) Danni Francis, and Lynda Stoner as PC Amanda King – a leggy and buxom bombshell in blue who spent an inordinate amount of airtime negotiating in high heels the stairs from the station’s front desk to the detectives’ room above.

Danni (who actually began life on the show as a bisexual hard case) had a revolving door love life with two detectives, a priest, and a crooked politician before marrying her policeman partner Mike Georgiou (played by John Orcsik). The couple later married in real life, although they eventually divorced after 18 years.

Comedic content was provided by the pairing of Terry Norris as the crusty old Desk Sergeant O’Reilly and Gil Tucker as his most naive young police officer, Roy Baker.

The partnership ended when Norris left the show to stand for a seat in the Victorian Parliament. He served as a Labor MP between 1982 and 1992.

Bill Stalker, who played DC Peter Fanelli, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Toorak (Melbourne) in 1981.

DC JJ Johnson 
Peter Adams
DC Danni Francis 

Paula Duncan
DC Mike Georgiou 

John Orcsik
DC Tom Shannon 

John McTernan
DS Glen Taylor 

George Mallaby
Mrs Taylor 

Rowena Wallace
Gaye Taylor 

Joanne Moore
Snr Sgt Eric O’Reilly 

Terry Norris
PC Roy Baker 

Gil Tucker
Claire O’Reilly/Benjamin

Louise Phillip
PC Tony Benjamin 

Gregory Ross
PC Sam Phillips 

Nicholas Eadie
PC Frank Rossi 

Alan Fletcher
Snr Detective Sgt Vic Cameron
Terence Donovan
Sgt Reg Wallis 

Alwyn Kurts
PC Amanda King 

Lynda Stoner
Valerie Johnson 

Joanna Lockwood
Snr Det. Don McKenna 

Tony Bonner
DC Peter Fanelli 

Bill Stalker
DC Julie Mitchell 

Olga Tamara
Terry Lindford Jones 

John Walton
Inspector Timms 

John Lee
Lorna Close 

Moya Sullivan
Liz Cameron 

Liz Burch
Kate Ryan 

Lyn Semmler