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Coppers End

1 9 7 1 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Coppers End is a police station where the policemen work very hard to avoid work. A crime would involve them filling in forms, making out reports and, heaven forbid, giving evidence in court.

They also have more important things to do. Where else is a squad car available for hire for weddings, funerals, driving lessons and stock car racing?

Enter Sergeant Penny Pringle (Josephine Tewson), the enthusiastic, efficient WPS posted to the station to shake things up.

Agatha Pilbeam (Hilda Barrie) is the local prophetess of doom. An avid reader, she pops into the station every week to report a crime – which, coincidentally, tallies with the plot of the latest novel she is reading.

This ATV series aired on Friday nights.

Sgt. Sam Short
Bill Owen
PC Eddie Edwards
Richard Wattis
WPS Penny Pringle
Josephine Tewson
PC Chipper Collins
George Moon
Chief Supt. Ripper
Kevin Brennan
PC Dinkie Dinkworth
Royce Mills
Agatha Pilbeam
Hilda Barrie


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