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Cucumber Castle

1 9 7 0 (UK)
1 x 55 minute episode

This hour-long TV special was produced by the Robert Stigwood Organisation as a vehicle for The Bee Gees and aired on BBC2 at 1.30 pm on Boxing Day 1970.

On his death bed, The King (Frankie Howerd) orders his kingdom divided into two halves, the Kingdom of Jelly and the Kingdom of Cucumbers. Before the King even dies, his son Prince Frederick (Barry Gibb) declares himself King of Cucumbers and the other son Prince Marmaduke (Maurice Gibb) the King of Jelly.

The film intersperses (bad) comedy sketches with Bee Gees songs plus performances by Lulu and Blind Faith with cameo appearances from other music stars of the day.

Barry and Maurice Gibb display very little acting ability but Frankie Howerd is delightfully over the top as the hypochondriacal King whose death scene lasts the entire film.

Robin Gibb does not appear in the film as he quit the group earlier in the year following the release of their fourth album Odessa.

An uncredited Mike Mansfield (TV music guru) assisted Hugh Gladwish with the direction.

Prince Frederick, King of Cucumbers
Barry Gibb
Prince Marmaduke, King of Jelly 
Maurice Gibb
The King
Frankie Howerd
Lady Margerie Pee
Eleanor Bron
Nurse Sarah Charles Bottom
Pat Coombs
Lord Chamberlain
Julian Orchard
Lulu the cook
Court Jester
Spike Milligan
Wicked Count Voxville
Vincent Price
Peter Blythe
Blind Faith
Roger Daltrey
Marianne Faithfull 
Mick Jagger