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D.A., The

1 9 7 1 – 1 9 7 2 (USA)

Collecting the evidence necessary to bring criminals to trial and following the course of the trial provided the thrust for this short-lived series.

The programme had two segments: first, Deputy D.A. Ryan (Robert Conrad) and his team would investigate the crime, then Ryan would function as prosecuting attorney.

His courtroom adversary in most cases was Public Defender Katherine Benson (Julie Cobb), representing the accused.

The courtroom portion of the series was done in quasi-documentary style with Ryan doing voice-over narration to explain legal terminology and procedures to the audience.

The series was replaced after a few months by the highly successful Sanford and Son.

Deputy D.A. Paul Ryan
Robert Conrad
Chief Deputy D.A. ‘Staff’ Stafford
Harry Morgan
D.A. Investigator Bob Ramirez
Ned Romero
Public Defender Katherine Benson
Julie Cobb