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Detective School

1 9 7 9 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Nick Hannigan (James Gregory) was an ageing beaten-down former private investigator who was reduced to running the Hannigan Detective School and Agency at 1407 East Figueroa Street in Los Angeles.

His students – including loud-mouthed housewife Charlene Jenkins (LaWanda Page), elderly retired businessman Robert Redford (Douglas Fowley), sexy secretary Teresa Cleary (Jo Ann Harris), shapely Maggie Ferguson (Melinda Naud) who also worked as a model for the La Fleke Lingerie Company, shoe salesman Eddie Dawkins (Randolph Mantooth) and disco-dancing clerk Silvio Galindez (Taylor Negron) – were supposed to show up and have a few lessons in basic detection skills, but instead they kept dragging Nick into investigating real cases and getting themselves into trouble.

This ABC sitcom was known in some markets as Detective School – One Flight Up. The show debuted in July 1979 but was gone by the end of the year.

Nick Hannigan
James Gregory
Eddie Dawkins
Randolph Mantooth
Maggie Ferguson
Melinda Naud
Silvio Galindez

Taylor Negron
Robert Redford
Douglas Fowley
Charlene Jenkins
LaWanda Page
Leo Frick
Pat Proft
Teresa Cleary
Jo Ann Harris