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Doctor in the House

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 0 (UK)
27 x 30 minute episodes

Based loosely on the novel by Richard Gordon, Doctor In The House was the first of a number of ‘Doctor’ series made between 1969 – 1977.

Michael Upton, Duncan Waring, Paul Collier and Dick Stuart-Clark were medical students at St Swithin’s teaching hospital in London (filming was at Wanstead Hospital in East London).


Robin Nedwell played Dr Duncan Waring, starring alongside George Layton, Geoffrey Davies and Ernest Clark.

The students were keen to do well but, unfortunately, their talent for attracting disaster made them a constant thorn in the side of the imposing Professor Geoffrey Loftus (a fearsome variation on the formidable Sir Lancelot Spratt of the original books).

Geoffrey Davies (who portrayed the suave and debonair Dick Stuart-Clark) went to art school and worked as a commercial artist for a short time before deciding to fulfil his ambition and become an actor.

He spent 18 months with the Harrogate Repertory Company before taking a two-year course at RADA, after which he landed the role of Lieutenant Faversham in the film Oh What A Lovely War (1969).

Doctor in the House was written by some comedy heavyweights, amongst them Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden (of The Goodies), John Cleese and Graham Chapman from Monty Python, Barry Cryer and Bernard McKenna. Both Garden and Chapman were qualified medical doctors and so were especially appropriate writers.


The main force behind the TV series, though, was Frank Muir who, as head of comedy at the new London ITV franchise LWT, was determined to get Richard Gordon’s Doctor saga on to the small screen.

Although screened in black and white, the first series was actually made in colour, so when eight of the episodes were repeated early in 1970 they were seen in colour for the first time.

The series ultimately appeared under various guises such as Doctor In Charge and Doctor At Sea during its run and was briefly revived by BBC1 as Doctors on Top in 1991.

Barry Evans died in 1997 after spending the last years of his life as a Leicestershire taxi driver. Robin Nedwell collapsed and died On 1 February 1999 during a routine visit to a doctor’s surgery near his home in Hedge End, near Southampton.

Michael Upton 
Barry Evans
Duncan Waring 

Robin Nedwell
Paul Collier 

George Layton
Dick Stuart-Clark 

Geoffrey Davies
Professor Geoffrey Loftus 

Ernest Clark
Dave Briddock 

Simon Cuff
Danny Hooley 

Jonathan Lynn
Huw Evans 

Martin Shaw
Arthur English
The Dean 

Ralph Michael



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