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Doctor At Large

1 9 7 1 (UK)
29 x 25 minute episodes

Michael Upton (Barry Evans) is a newly qualified doctor trying to make a start in his chosen profession.

He has a succession of jobs, including one with Dr Maxwell (Arthur Lowe), before returning to St Swithin’s Hospital as a Junior Registrar.

Other regular characters include Dr Paul Collier (George Layton), Dr Dick Stuart-Clark (Geoffrey Davies), Dr Lawrence Bingham (Richard O’Sullivan) and Professor Geoffrey Loftus (Ernest Clark).

Radiologist Paul Collier was played by Yorkshireman George Layton, who came from a doctor’s family in real life.

The writers of this series included Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden (of The Goodies) and John Cleese and Graham Chapman from the Monty Python team.

As with Doctor In The House, the TV version of Doctor At Large followed a BBC Radio 4 presentation, broadcast in 13 episodes from 10 June 1969.

Richard Briers returned as Simon Sparrow, supported principally by Geoffrey Sumner as Sir Lancelot Spratt. The original Richard Gordon book was adapted for radio by Ray Cooney (who also appeared on microphone).

Michael Upton 
Barry Evans
Paul Collier 

George Layton
Dick Stuart-Clark 

Geoffrey Davies
Lawrence Bingham 

Richard O’Sullivan
Prof Geoffrey Loftus 

Ernest Clark
Dr Whiteland 

Fabia Drake
Dr Maxwell 

Arthur Lowe
Dr Griffin 

Brian Oulton
Sue Maxwell 

Madeline Smith



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