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Doctor Snuggles

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Dr Snuggles was an inventor who rode around on a talking umbrella called Jefferson.

He lived in a house with a skinny old lady named Ms.Nettles and had many friends such as Dennis the badger, Knobby Mouse, and Grannie Toots who ran the Cat Hospital.

Contrary to popular belief, the strangely-trousered chubby doctor was not created by Douglas Adams. Prior to the success of his Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Adams was hired by Jeffrey O’Kelly (along with co-writer John Lloyd) to help flesh out a new story idea he had inspired by his pet chameleon, Mooney Snuggles.

Mooney became Dr Snuggles and O’Kelly re-wrote Adams’ work influenced by poet Ted Hughes.

Peter Ustinov provided the voice of O’Kelly’s amiable doctor.

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Peter Ustinov
Owen Griffiths
Jeffrey O’Kelly