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Doctors’ Hospital

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 6 (USA)

Dr Jake Goodwin (George Peppard) was the brave and brash chief of neurosurgery at Lowell Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles, California, who communicated mainly in angiograms.


Goodwin and his dedicated staff, including chief resident Ortega (Victor Campos), second-year resident Norah Purcell (Zohra Lampert) and admissions nurse Stanton (Adrian Ricard), fought to save the lives and cure the illnesses of their patients.

Dr Varga (Albert Paulsen) was the hospital’s director.

Dr Jake Goodwin
George Peppard
Dr Norah Purcell
Zohra Lampert
Dr Felipe Ortega
Victor Campos
Nurse Hester Stanton
Adrian Ricard
Janos Varga
Albert Paulsen